We recently received this wonderful letter along with a donation to the bookmobile fund.  This library patron was using our bookmobile service over sixty years ago!

From a 77 year old fan:

I cannot remember a time during my early childhood when my sister and I were not read to by our parents, our grandparents and other family members.  The written word, read aloud, was a magical thing- the doorway to other worlds beyond our small country village upbringing.  Our father also liked to take my sister and me to the library in Stuart where he would choose books for his own reading as well as for us.

When we entered school, we could already read, or nearly so. One of the most exciting things that happened at school were the periodic visits of the bookmobile.  What a wonder it was- the library actually came to us!  It was a treat to pick out books to read for myself; how grownup I felt. "Miss Lady" Clark made a wonderful impression suggesting and helping to choose books she thought we children might enjoy.  Those bookmobile visits remained important all through my school years.  We had books at home, but the bookmobile expanded our choices even further.

Today the bookmobile serves whole communities that it visits.  What riches it brings in many forms- a wealth of knowledge, ideas, possibilities.  May our bookmobile service never cease.